Deadly Batch Alerts make cities, towns, and neighborhoods safer by giving everyone a say in their community’s health.

Are you ready to become part of the movement?

When it comes to substance use, knowledge is power.

The SOAR Initiative offers Deadly Batch Alerts systems for communities of any size, from cities and counties to provinces and states. Based on a successful pilot program in Ohio, SOAR’s bidirectional system is unlike any other—it allows community members and public health officials alike to submit reports of bad batches or overdose surges. Reports that spark concern can be immediately sent to your network of subscribers, combining grassroots knowledge with institutional data to save lives.

Deadly Batch Alerts help you gather data from diverse sources.

Whether you’re looking for greater invovlement of the community in your public health efforts, lack good data about where and why overdoses are occuring, or want to keep a pulse on emerging drug trends in your region, Deadly Batch Alerts connect you to the most knowledgable individuals near you. Leverage the power of crowdsourcing to fight against overdose mortality.


Partner with SOAR to build quickly and scale easily.

Don’t go it alone—save time and money with our prebuilt software.

Many organizations are ready to invest in an alerts system but balk at the cost of hiring technology specialists to create a solution from scratch. SOAR has spent over three years perfecting our Deadly Batch Alerts software in Ohio, making it easier than ever to bring alerts to your region without breaking the bank on a custom platform.

Customize your alerts to each community you serve.

SOAR’s software is built in increments called “regions,” and it’s up to you to decide how many regions you want, how big they’ll be, and what type of alerts they’ll receive. City neighborhoods, clusters of rural counties, and sprawling suburbs each have their own drug trends, and our system allows you to get granular with who recieves each alert you send.


Choose the features that suit your budget.

Pricing is per region. Organizations seeking multiple regions (i.e., a statewide system) are eligible for discounts on both setup fees and monthly costs.


+ $500 one-time setup fee


  • Bidirectional text message alerts system
  • Secure dashboard to send alerts and view community submissions
  • Comprehensive user guide
    Ongoing technical support and maintenance
  • Basic analytics dashboard

Best for:

  • Small to medium regions looking for basic text alert functionality


+ $1,000 one-time setup fee


  • All Basic features
  • Custom interactive dashboard for advanced insights
  • Priority technical support and maintenance


Best for:

  • Regions looking for more advanced analytics and customizable reporting
  • Larger regions with greater technical support needs


+ $2,000 one-time setup fee


  • All Advanced features
  • Mobile app with local resource directory and report submission tab


Best for:

  • Regions looking for a mobile app companion to their text alert system
  • Communities where many people lack smartphones (with the app, alerts can be sent and viewed on tablets at physical locations)

    Get your alerts system set up in no time

    Interested in bringing SOAR Deadly Batch Alerts to your region? Fill out the following form. A member of our team will be in touch shortly to talk through how we can help you save lives. If you still have lingering questions, email join@thesoarinitiative.org to learn more.

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    About how many regions do you ancipate needing?

    Our team suggests one region per major city or cluster of adjacent counties. In Ohio, for example, it took 11 regions to cover the whole state.

    When do you hope to have your system up and running?

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    If you have any remaining questions or comments about setting up an alerts system, please let us know below. A member of our team will review your inquiry and get in touch via your preferred mode of contact as soon as possible.

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    Have lingering questions about the benefits of an alerts system, the setup process, or pricing? We’re happy to provide more information. Email join@thesoarinitiative.org to get in touch with a member of our team.