The SOAR Initiative

We work to prevent overdoses and save lives through harm reduction. Our focus is on people who use drugs and how we can help make their lives safer. People with lived experience play an integral role in conceiving, designing, and implementing our projects, and we always strive to protect their anonymity and amplify their unique voice.

Supporting Ohioans through a comprehensive harm reduction approach.

Harm reduction means doing everything we can to reduce the risk of drug overdose. We do not judge or seek to force anyone into treatment, we provide resources to help people who use drugs be as safe as possible. The strength of our community combined with the power of our innovative technologies can save lives.

Students working with their communities.

The SOAR Initiative was founded by a group of dedicated, passionate students at The Ohio State University. We work with government agencies, established nonprofits, local activists, and amazing communities throughout the state. Our innovative, evidence-based technologies and projects concentrate on helping those left behind by traditional public health and substance use programs.

Know of a bad batch? Report it anonymously to keep your community safe!

Click here to report a drug that contains fentanyl or other dangerous adulterants.

Keep you & your loved ones safe.

Download the free “SOAR Central Ohio” app to get alerts when overdoses surge or dangerous drugs are reported, and to access harm reduction resources.

Or text “SOAR” to 614-768-7627 (Central Ohio), 440-762-7627 (Cleveland), or 513-447-6276 (Southwest Ohio) to securely and anonymously receive SMS alerts.